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Motorcycle Safety and Dynamics - Vol 2 - B&W
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Motorcycle Safety and Dynamics - Vol 2 - B&W
For motorcyclists who have already learned how to operate their bikes with competence. Volume 2 provides detailed explanations of such subjects as weight management and traction during braking and acceleration, slip angles, accident avoidance maneuvers, and much more. Group riding is covered, including authoritative suggestions for pre-ride briefings, lane changes and other normal riding maneuvers, and unusual formations involving trikes and sidecar rigs, as well as how to deal with an impaired rider. Riders who wish to carry a passenger, tow a trailer, go camping, or tour on their motorcycles will find information here on how to plan such trips. Jim and Cash have distilled these lessons from over a half million miles of combined experience, and Jim's spreadsheets and models give readers the ability to analyze complicated issues of physics and motorcycle handling. You'll discover more interesting material than you can imagine when you study the contents of Volume 2. Letter paperback. Black-and-white. 176 pages.

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